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Divorce & Family Law in Wisconsin

Shawano, Wisconsin Divorce Lawyer

If you are facing a divorce, it’s important to work with an experienced lawyer to ensure that your family’s financial future is protected. While it’s normal for two people facing a divorce to simply want to “get it over with”, the decisions that you make during a divorce will affect your financial future for years to come and need to be handled with legal expertise and careful consideration.

Financial Issues During a Divorce

There are two stages of financial issues to settle before a divorce can be finalized;

  • Asset Division (how the current finances are divided)
    Wisconsin considers all debts and property accumulated throughout the length of the marriage to belong to both spouses, and therefore they are divided equally. Which spouse will keep the house, cars and other real property needs to be determined, as well as how the cash and other financial accounts will be divided. Retirement accounts such as IRA’s and 401(k) accounts need to be considered as well.

  • Child Support, Spousal Maintenance (how finances will be handled after the divorce)
    There are cases where one spouse will make support payments to the other spouse, either for their minor children (child support) or for their spouse (spousal support). Several factors can determine exactly how much child support or spousal support is paid. I work with clients on both the initial amounts, and reviewing and modifying when conditions change.

Issues with Children During a Divorce

Before your divorce is finalized, you will have to submit a detailed parenting plan covering key issues that relate to how the two parents will work together in the best interest of the child. Some of the key points in a parenting plan include:

  • Who will have legal and physical custody of the child
  • Where each parent lives now, and where they plan on living for the next two years
  • Where each parent works, and their hours of employment
  • Who will provide and pay for child care
  • Where the child will go to school
  • How the child’s medical expenses will be paid
  • What the child’s summer schedule will be.
  • What child support, family support, maintenance or other income transfer there will be

…And several other key factors. The key to having a successful parenting plan is working together with your spouse to assign responsibilities and privileges fairly, and in a way that you can both respect and adhere to.

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