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real estate lawyer in Shawano

Real Estate Lawyer in Shawano, Wisconsin

Residential & Commercial Real Estate

I work with both buyers and sellers to protect their legal rights throughout the real estate process. If you are considering purchasing or selling a piece of real estate I can help you make sure that all of the appropriate paperwork is in order and that your transaction closes as expected.

How a Real Estate Attorney Can Help You

For most home-owners, your house is probably the most expensive thing you will ever buy. When the stakes are as high as they are, it’s critical that every element of the sale is handled correctly from beginning to end. Oftentimes, closings for home sales are contingent, meaning there is another transaction depending on your transaction. I can help you ensure a smooth closing done on time.

For Sale By Owner

Many homeowners choose to list their home without the assistance of a Realtor. With realtor commissions on the seller side as high as 7% selling your home without a Realtor can dramatically increase the amount of money you walk away with. However, a Realtor also provides certain protections to both the buyer and seller. Working with a real estate lawyer can give you that same protection but without sacrificing a percentage of your home’s value. If you are considering listing your home, or have a deal in principle with a buyer but need help working through the transaction, call my office at 715-526-2022 or click here to contact me online.

Commercial Real Estate

If you are a business owner who is looking at signing a commercial real estate lease I can help you review the documents and make sure that your business is protected. Depending on the type of business, you will likely also need insurance to cover any accidents or unexpected events that may happen while you are responsible for the property. Do not let a minor mistake in the planning phases of your business derail you in the future; make sure you are working with an experienced and dedicated lawyer to protect your rights.

Contact a Real Estate Lawyer Today

Whether you are buying or selling residential or commercial real estate, having an attorney to review documents and ensure that the transaction goes smoothly is a good idea. When it comes to real estate, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” — which is to say having an attorney involved now can end up saving you from major problems in the future.

If you need legal help with a real estate situation in Shawano or the surrounding area, you don't need to spend another day worrying and wondering. Call Mr. Winter at 715-526-2022 to arrange a meeting or click here to contact us online.